What is B2C Ecommerce?

What is B2C Ecommerce? It's the driving force behind a multibillion dollar industry. B2C drives the online shopping market. A mini shopping cart holds boxes and totes.

As your business grows, you need to reach more customers than ever before. One way to do this is through an online store, which allows Business-to-Consumer ecommerce, also known as B2C.

What is B2C Ecommerce, exactly? Well, first we have to understand its history and how it can help take your business to the next level.

Simply stated, B2C ecommerce is the exchange of goods or services over the internet between online stores and individual customers. These days, consumers have shifted more toward the convenience of online shopping, and your business needs to adapt to those preferences. 

Ecommerce has grown exponentially since its inception back in the 1990s. As internet usage went up, businesses saw the amazing potential of being able to sell directly to their customers online. And ecommerce growth continues to skyrocket. It was estimated that ecommerce sales were $176 billion in 2010, and just five years later sales shot up to $279 billion.

Because B2C ecommerce makes it so much easier for both consumers and vendors, the rapid growth is easy to understand. In fact, an online shop can be launched in only a few days. If your business can fill a niche and stay competitive, you will see your success grow in real time.

B2C ecommerce also relies on strong web marketing. Your business needs to be visible, either through search engine optimization, or search engine marketing. Online marketing is essential to the success of an online shop, as it allows you to reach more and more new customers.

Growing your business through B2C ecommerce isn’t just smart, but it can be easy. UpPayment can guide and mentor you through the process, and will give you the time and guidance you deserve.

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