Professional Payment Solutions

The flow of money into and out of your business is the lifeblood of the organization. Optimizing and securing those processes against cyber threats is a critical piece of infrastructure. Talk to us today about how UpPayment can work with your business to identify opportunities, manage risk, and deliver best in class solutions to make your payment process efficient and effective.

Our Experience

As seasoned professionals and business owners ourselves, the UpPayment team delivers advice, counsel and solutions individualized and optimized for your business. Our team offers deep experience in operations, finance, cybersecurity, and legal matters. All elements of a successful strategy for your business.

Why Us?

As the business world becomes increasingly impersonal and cookie cutter, we value the power and results that true long-term relationships deliver. From the beginning of our work together through implementation and ongoing management, we work directly and personally with you. No 1-800 solutions or call centers here. We get to know you and your business and provide ongoing consultation proactively. When you need us, we’re here.


Merchant Processing

We all know that customers are paying more frequently with credit cards, debit cards and e-check. It’s convenient for them and provides you, the business owner, with faster and reliable payment. It’s critical that your business employ the most cost efficient and secure system possible to maximize your revenue and protect your customer’s information. UpPayment’s processing solutions optimize each transaction and provide industry leading cybersecurity protections all while offering powerful and comprehensive reporting.

Corporate Card Services

Tired of collecting, processing and categorizing your company's internal expenses? UpPayment offers clients a corporate card solution and expense management system that provides companies with the control, tracking and reporting capability necessary for success. Our solutions also offer a rebate on all corporate expenses to improve cash flow.

Purchasing & Payables

Paying your vendors and procuring necessary services is part of doing business. UpPayment offers a variety of corporate purchasing and accounts payable solutions that allow you to integrate the payables process fully into your ERP system and generate cash flow from paying your bills.

The Power To Help You Succeed

UpPayment was founded and is operated by a team of professionals with deep experience in the Financial, Legal, and Cybersecurity fields. With over 70 years of combined professional experience, we deliver our customers a wide variety of enterprise payment solutions designed to optimize the flow of funds into and out of an organization. 

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