Mobile Marketing Strategies to Reach a Wider Audience

Plan a mobile marketing strategy to reach new audiences.

As more and more consumers use their smartphone for pretty much everything in their day-to-day lives, the importance of reaching them through mobile marketing is greater than ever. With a clear and detailed mobile marketing strategy, you will be better at targeting mobile users, which will lead to more success.

At its core, mobile marketing simply refers to a strategy that reaches mobile users. Using a wide range of tools, techniques and processes, mobile marketing is a way to connect and engage with potential customers while they are on their mobile devices. This can be done via email, SMS, social media, or a mobile app.

In the United States, the average adult spends 3 hours and 43 minutes on their mobile device. That same adult will pick up their phone nearly 60 times per day, with 70 percent of those sessions lasting less than 2 minutes. In order to reach prospective customers, you need to adapt to their tendencies.

The reason mobile marketing is so important these days is because of its ease of access. Engaging with customers is much simpler now than it was decades ago, and measuring analytics is possible with not a lot of technical expertise. Not only that, but many mobile marketing strategies are cost effective. A single post on social media can cost you nothing and reach many, whereas a television commercial is more expensive and may not reach your targeted audience.

With successful mobile marketing, you will know right away when it works. You can track in real time when a purchase was made after reaching a customer through an online ad. But mobile marketing is not without its challenges. Because you are trying to target such a wide audience, a first impression is critical. There is little room for error when devising a strategy, so test your content before putting it out into the mobile world.

Growing your business can happen at the click of a button, and a successful mobile marketing strategy can make that possible. Setting up specific goals and offering mobile-friendly content are just a few ways to make that happen. UpPayment can guide and mentor you through the process, and will give you the time and guidance you deserve.

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